Everyone is different. Your needs can be catered for so feel free to get in touch to discuss them. You can email diane [at] ddma.co.nz or call 021 969 929. Massage Therapy and Aromatherapy can be truly life changing, so why not book a session to start your journey towards improved wellbeing.

“After hours of surfing or hard physical work where my neck and shoulders become tender I have found a great remedy in receiving a massage from Diane. I thoroughly enjoy the massage and not only for pain relief but a great stress relief as well.”
– Jamie Schedewy (Engineer/Surfer)

I was in Raglan on holiday and wanted to treat myself with a massage, so I checked out the Raglan massage site,and found Diane name and checked out her site.

Rang and I was able to get in that afternoon, It was so relaxing and just what I need to ease the stress in my body mainly the neck and shoulders.

Would recommend Diane found her very friendly and easy to talk to. Made my day.

– Sue H.

Thank you for a very relaxing massage. I felt a few of my nasty knots melt away, could have happily had you go on for another few hours!
– Zee (Student)

“Diane’s massage is a wonderful experience – she creates an atmosphere that relaxes you physically and her calm and professional manner of assessment puts you at ease with the process from start to finish. Having arrived more strung out and tense than I have ever been, I left feeling like a new person, calm and peaceful.”
– Melissa (Sales Manager)

Having had an aromatherapy massage with Diane in December, I look forward
to more in the coming year.

I felt very special from the moment I arrived. Diane listened and
understood how I was feeling on that day, with positive comments on
reasons/ways and oils she could use to be of benefit to me. This made me
feel ready to begin with a positive outlook from the start.

It truely felt like much longer than the time I had booked in for. But
she did not hurry me or make me feel like I was holding her up for the
next appointment. It was a most relaxing time – and I do find it hard to
relax (seem to be thinking always of what needs to be done next :)). This
was the most relaxing massage I have had with friendly advise and
information ‘thrown in’ on occassion.

I enjoyed Dianes friendly manner and her comments.

Many thanks and look forward to seeing you again.
– Jann B.

Pulled a few tendons in my shoulder last weekend, before going to a physio I decided to give Diane a try and was truely impressed.

Great diagnosis and after the first treatment a massive improvement.

She also gave me some excercises to work on in between visits.
– Thomas M (Surveyor)

As part of my preparation for the a Half Marathon I was looking for a local massage therapist and found Diane.

I have been very impressed with Diane’s professional approach during our appointments. She is an attentive massage therapist and I have always found that she has a comprehensive understanding about massage therapy. For myself whether its a sports or relaxation massage I find Diane’s massage always targets the right areas and my body feels great afterwards.

Diane – you can take credit for an enjoyable Half Marathon and finishing without any prolonged ache, pains or injury to my body!

I would definitely recommend Diane to my friends and family for a massage.
– Rakesh M (Project Manager/Planner)

“After suffering from the chronic illness of fibromyalgia for about 10 years, and trying several and unsuccessful treatment options, I was amazed and delighted to find that after only a few massage/aromatherapy treatments with Diane, that the chronic burning sensation in my elbow was relived so much that I can carry on with my busy days with virtually no pain. There are no words to thank you enough Diane.”
– Sandra (Designer)

“”I am a resident of the Netherlands and came to New Zealand to visit my daughter and grandson. I was seriously impacted by the trip and was extremely fatigued after the 36 hour journey.

I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to receive a full body massage by Diane.

The massage was superb and entirely suited to my spirit and energy level on the day. I felt calm and relaxed in my mind but also energised which I consider remarkable under the circumstances.

When I visit New Zealand again next year I will be making certain that I receive a massage each week of my visit with first being as soon after my arrival as I can arrange it – to reduce the days I struggle with jet lag.”
– Connie Lene (Artist/Designer)

“I have had ongoing issues with my right shoulder and arm for well over 15 years.

I’ve tried various methods in order to find relief from the discomfort and a reason for the pain and weakness. All have been left wanting to a degree.

I had an appointment with Diane and was very happy with the experience.

The room was warm with a lovely scented oil wafting. I was immediately relaxed.

She took a lot of time to examine my posture and movement.

She was very professional, I felt as though she was really listening to me as I tried to describe the pain,my limited movement and how it affects my day to day living.

As she massaged me I felt she was very much in tune with what was going on with my body. She explained everything she was doing which I appreciated.

The music was very relaxing with no hint of whale song (a relief in itself!)

Certainly it was the best massage I have ever received and I shall be definitely making another appointment in the very near future.”

Rebecca (Fashion Consultant)