Mother’s Day Special

Being treated special, it’s something we all love! And your mum is going to be treated like she is the only person in the world as soon as she walks into the studio. Diane is going to treat your mum like the special woman she is.

When mum arrives, she’ll receive a refreshing spring water while Diane discusses the best treatment.

Them, your mum will experience blissful relaxation as Diane uses oils blended just for her. An hour of relaxation massage, combined with a fantastic inhalation of the vapors from beautiful essential oils to make your mum feel oh so special.

And there’s more! While your mum is in bliss heaven after the massage, Diane will prepare a special blend of oils for her to take away. It’s a blend just for her. Can you think of a better gift? A fantastic aromatherapy massage and a blend to take away! And for a even more special treat, she’ll be able to take a way a small box of quality chocolates.

Your mum is going to have such a unique and wonderful experience she will be talking about it for months after her treatment.

Diane has been told by many people she is the best aromatherapy massage therapist they have ever experienced.

Here are a few snippets:

“could have happily had you go on for another few hours”

“I felt very special from the moment I arrived.”

“had the best sleep ever after the massage.”

This is just a selection. Want more proof that this is the best mother’s day gift ever? Check out more testimonials

Mum deserves a treat every day, but that’s pretty hard to do for most of us. Getting her a unique aromatherapy treatment and a blend to take away is pretty special. She’ll be in bliss heaven, and you’ll be the favourite child. Isn’t that worth $75? Even better, if you were paying full price it would be $115!

Mum doesn’t need to know that, because Diane will email you a personalised voucher to print out and give to her on Mother’s Day, you just need to book and pay before end of Friday 10 May. So how about giving mum this fantastic unique gift, made especially just for her?

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Just $75 for this fantastic treat for mum!

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