How are you feeling today?

Stressed? Tired? Worried?

Sound familiar?

Is this going to change anytime soon? Probably not. It doesn’t help you never have time for you.

With a busy life at home and work, and Christmas fast approaching, you might want to consider some you time. That would make your day a little less tough, wouldn’t it?

Money and time is tight, and you are probably wondering if you can afford it, or fit it into your busy schedule. But if you could take an hour or two out of your day a couple of time a month, feel great and get a boost, wouldn’t that be worth a small expense?

My name is Diane Davies, a Massage and Aromatherapy therapist based in Orewa. I can take care of your aches and pains, and get you back to feeling good again. Whether you want a pampering or have some specific issues, I can tailor a treatment just for you. In addition, as a qualified Counselor, you can also be assured of utmost professionalism and ethics.

You can start feeling good today, and enjoy Christmas instead of being stressed out, tired and run down.

Give me a call on 021 969929 or text massage to this number with your first name, and I’ll call you back. Do it now so you don’t forget.

You can also contact me via the web by emailing diane [at] (or click through to the contact form)