6-Week Beginner’s Yoga Class

  • Have you previously tried a yoga class, but it was fast paced and strong and scared the Lycra leggings off you?
  • Do you believe “you are not flexible/fit enough” to try yoga?
  • Do you believe that to practice yoga you must eat mung beans and float on a cloud all day?
  • Have you practised yoga in the past, but it was a long time ago and you feel you need to set the “refresh” button?
  • Have you been injured and are not sure how to practice safely with your “new” body?
  • Are you brand new to yoga and don’t know your asana from your elbow?
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions or are simply Yoga-curious, try this 6-week Beginner Course starting Wednesday, May 2nd at 7.30pm with Diane at the Raglan Yoga Loft. $80 for the course. an Early Bird discount ($60) will be offered until April 15th.
Places will be limited to keep class numbers small so book now!
This course will cover the basics of yoga to help you feel confident to begin a regular practice and attend open-level classes.
You will:
  • Learn a variety of yoga poses (asana) including standing, sitting and lying down postures.
  • Learn about the breath and how intrinsic it is to a yoga practice and good health in general;
  • Learn about basic philosophy and guiding principles of yoga – what helps to distinguish a physical yoga practice from other forms of exercise;
  • Increase your physical, mental and emotional awareness through the practice of asana (physical postures and movement) and pranayama (breath practice);
  • Learn about variations in standard yoga poses so you can make the practice fit your individual needs, regardless of physical limitations, injuries, age or current fitness levels.
  • Practice meditation with guidance and support.

About the teacher:

Diane started practising yoga about 17 years ago when she was over-weight, unfit, stressed and injured. When she experienced her first yoga class she had thoughts of physically harming her lovely Iyengar yoga teacher but luckily for her she decided to persist with the practice instead and stayed with that teacher for a number of years, growing to love the practice and all the benefits that came with it on and off the mat. As a massage therapist, Diane sees a number of people with physical and emotional issues and often crows to them about the benefits of yoga. Eventually, she decided to formalize this and completed her Hatha yoga teacher training in 2016. She has a particular passion for working with people who fear they don’t fit the yoga mould because of all that silly Instagram stuff that misrepresents this beautiful practice, getting excited when folks start to treat themselves with compassion and curiosity.

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